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Programs and Courses

Special Services

A number of special services are available at the school for students and their families. For further information on any of the following special services, please call the school at 204-888-3390.

School Patrols

Our school provides school patrol service for a ten minute period to assist young students across Cavalier Drive in the morning and after school. Please insist that your children cooperate with the patrol members. The patrols are all student volunteers who are trained help to keep students safe as they cross Cavalier on the way to and from school.

Bus Safety

A bus ridership program is conducted twice annually for all students in the spring and fall to familiarize them with the rules of safe conduct on busses during field trips or daily rides to and from school.

Daycare and Nursery Programs

We have two programs in the building which are privately run and rent space from the school division:

Voyageur In-School Program (VIP) - Rooms: 8,12 & 13  

This program offers morning, noon and after school supervision for Voyageur pupils whose parents are in the work force. Arrangements may be made by calling 204-832-4707.

Crestview Park Day Nursery Incorporated - Rooms 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7

This program offers full daycare services for children from aged two to five. Please call 204-837-6022 for more information.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The teachers at our school provide students with opportunities to take part in a variety of activities outside of regular school hours. These include musical and athletic activities. Students and teachers take part in these on a voluntary basis.

Fund Raising

Each year the students and teachers at our school have a fundraising drive. These funds help to pay for the "extras" that add so much to a school year. Field trips, materials for co-curricular activities, and special events enrich the programs provided by our school.

Grade Three Swimming Instruction

All grade three students at Voyageur School are given six forty-five minute swimming lessons during the year. Students are transported to and from the pool by bus. Swimming instruction is provided by regular pool staff. All costs are covered by the St. James Assiniboia School Division.

Parent Council

School Nurse

The Public Health Nurse for our area is Mhairi Lintott. She does not visit the school on a regular basis.
However, if you have any questions regarding the following you may contact her at 204-612-0989
  • Communicable Diseases
  • Family Life
  • Immunization

 Last Modified: 30 June,2017